Consoling a Crying Baby

The first step in consoling your crying baby is to learn how to read what your baby’s different cries mean. For example is he hungry, tired, sleepy or sick? Once you’ve figured out what the crying is for, you will be able to comfort him by using various strategies.

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Some main reasons for a baby to cry include; hunger, change of nappy, irritability, colic, illness. First make sure that your baby is not sick, as eaten well and that they don’t have a dirty diaper – if it’s none of these then the following ideas may help soothe baby down.

To Develop Their Child's Genius.

Try using music to calm your baby down
Try carrying your baby around – this will make them feel safe and secure
Wrap baby up in a blanket - so the baby feels secure
Give baby a pacifier
Give baby something to cuddle – soft toy
Take your baby for a walk (pram) or a drive (car seat)
Try stroking or massaging your baby

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If non of these techniques work then it maybe that the baby just needs to cry it out. Make sure that you are in control. If you every feel that you maybe loosing control of the situation ask for help.

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