Most women say “I’m going to breastfeed”, however what a lot of women may not understand is that there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before had to make breastfeeding a success

You must be committed to breastfeeding however you must not put too much pressure on yourself. Unnecessary pressure may lead to stress, thus making the whole breastfeeding experience disappointing. Careful planning is required and what is most important is that a newborn baby is breastfeed within the first half an hour of birth.

More Tips

The breastfeeding experience is a special one and the following may help you in making this experience a successful one.

 Read up on breastfeeding. Find as much information as you can – this will help you understand the process better.

 Watch videos on breastfeeding. Observe the different positions a baby can be held and put on the breast.

 Join a support group – here you should be able to get advice from experienced mums and ask questions.

 Around 38 weeks you should get measured for a nursing bra. You should also purchase some front-opening garments.

 Purchase some Nipple cream to soothe sure nipples and some nursing pads – these will come in handy for absorbing leaks.

 A breast-pump will be useful to collect milk for bottle feeds. And a Steriliser is also essential to keep utensils sterile.

 A comfortable chair and some cushions will provide you with back support while feeding.

Preparing well in advance will provide you with enough background and information to be relaxed and comfortable to have a successful breastfeeding experience after the baby arrives.

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