Australia Launches 24 Hour Pregnancy, Birth And Baby Helpline

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Understanding Ella, the Latest Controversy in 'Morning After Pills'
Huffington Post (blog)
The art and science of pregnancy prevention may have a new option if French company HRA Pharma gets approval from the United States FDA. ...
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Study: PBDEs Causing Pregnancy Hormone Change
And in pregnancy, thyroid hormones are essential for normal fetal development. PBDEs are used in everything from furniture to carpets and computers and they ...
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Mother of abandoned baby was victimized as a teen
The Associated Press
She managed to hide the pregnancy — and the fact she abandoned the child in a trash can — for two decades. But details that emerged in a court case last ...
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Study underscores importance of a father's involvement during pregnancy
Los Angeles Times (blog)
It seems like every other day healthcare professionals are coming up with new pregnancy wellness tips -- ones generally aimed at expectant mothers. ...
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Angelina Jolie Spends Father's Day in Haiti and Announces Future Pregnancy ...
I guess they were hanging with their dad, the newly-shorn Mr. Pitt, but Angelina did reveal some new info about plans for a future pregnancy. Imagine that! ...
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Child Sense: Pregnancy and the senses
Kansas City Star
By PRISCILLA J. DUNSTAN Pregnancy brings with it feelings of uncertainty about an inevitable change about to happen. Many parents are worried about how ...
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Induced labor may double the odds of C-section
There is good evidence, for example, that inducing labor benefits mom and baby when pregnancy goes beyond 41 weeks, Ehrenthal told Reuters Health in an ...
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Let the Pill Go Free
New York Times
Women don't need a doctor to tell them whether they need the pill — they know when they are sexually active and want to avoid pregnancy. ...
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Teen arrested in pregnancy cover-up, plotting to dispose newborn - KTNV ABC ...
KTNV Las Vegas
Henderson, NV (KTNV) - Police believe an 18-year-old girl was so determined to hide her pregnancy from her family that she nearly killed her newborn girl in ...
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Obama's extension of Father's Day is a helpful reminder of how much dads matter
Christian Science Monitor
Consider websites like Planned Parenthood or the American Pregnancy Association. On the topic of unplanned pregnancy, the pronoun "you" is addressed to only ...
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Kentucky Rules Against "Pregnancy Prosecutions" |
By Amie Newman
For more information straight from Lynn Paltrow, one of the leading advocates on this issue, check out her Reader Diary on RH Reality Check! -
Video: Angelina's Pregnancy Plan, George's Bleeped Speech, and ...
By PopSugar
Angelina Jolie was in Ecuador on a philanthropic tour and told a woman that she'll use her childbirth services the next time she's pregnant! George Clooney, meanwhile, dropped a ton of curse words to accept his Guy of the Year award, ...
PopSugar -
Women With Pregnancy Remorse
By LilSugar
Yes — It's natural to feel this way. It's a major life transition. * No — I never felt panic or remorse during pregnancy.
LilSugar -
Epoch Times - Pregnancy-Related Deaths More Likely in New York City
By By Jack Phillips/Epoch Times Staff
Deaths due to complications with pregnancies were nearly twice as high in New York City than in the rest of the nation, according to a new report released Friday by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Epoch Times | All headlines -
Australia Launches 24 Hour Pregnancy, Birth And Baby Helpline ...
By admin
The Rudd Government is providing more support for Australian women and their families with a new, expanded national 24 hour Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline commencing on 1 July 2010.
Gov Monitor -

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