Late pregnancy multivitamins linked to prematurity

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Junk Food During Pregnancy Can Cause Cancer in Children, Grandchildren
Women who eat a fatty diet during pregnancy may increase the risk of their daughters getting breast cancer, according to a US study, Sky News reported ...
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Jennifer Lopez Hands Off Her Pregnancy Pillow - to Marc!
People Magazine
The singer also inherited Lopez's much-loved pregnancy pillow. "Carrying twins was really uncomfortable because you lay on one side and you feel there's a ...
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Pregnancy hopes for endangered Rhino
AP The World Wildlife Fund said it has evidence that the rare Sumatran rhinoceros is breeding on Borneo island. Raymond Alfred, an official with the WWF, ...
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Abortion Debate Erupts Over 10-Year-Old's Pregnancy In Mexico
Huffington Post (blog)
I personally don't have a clue if a 10 year old kid can live through a pregnancy and the idea of it is horrific! I sure hope that Mexican prisons are as ...
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Man who set fire to Lebanon pregnancy center receives 10-year prison term
... sentence to David Allen Rios, 31, of Albany, after Rios entered a guilty plea to a September 2008 arson at the Pregnancy Alternatives Center in Lebanon. ...
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Smoking during pregnancy may hamper son's fertility
Celebrities With Diseases
Latest study has revealed that women who smoke during their pregnancy impose a risk of infertility in their sons. According to, ...
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H1N1 Flu Hit Pregnant Women Hard
The researchers also found that more deaths -- more than 64 percent -- occurred in the third trimester of pregnancy, compared to the second trimester ...
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Avoid junk food during pregnancy!
Times of India
Pregnant women who gorge on junk food could be putting themselves at an increased risk of breast cancer that is passed down generations, say researchers. ...
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High-fat diets during pregnancy could increase cancer risk
For women, a high-fat diet during pregnancy might not just increase the breast cancer risk for their daughters, but also for their granddaughters, ...
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Ten-Year-Old's Pregnancy Heats Up Mexico Abortion Debate
A state lawmaker contends that continuing the pregnancy could cause both mental and physical damage to the girl. The youth is currently in the custody of ...
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» Balancing Pregnancy with Diabetes: the Book + the Interview ...
By AmyT
Titled Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes, it covers the whole pregnancy experience, from the months before you begin trying for a baby, through conception, all three trimesters, labor and postpartum. ...
DiabetesMine: the all things... -
'Sober' Singer Pink Is Not Expecting, Says Rep |
By Dino Sossi
Pop star Pink has been beating around the bush regarding pregnancy rumors, but her rep is just saying no, PEOPLE reports. 'Pink is not expecting,'
PopEater -
Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy
A woman's nutritional needs increase during pregnancy. Proper nutrition before and during pregnancy is important to the overall health of the child.
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Reproductive Rights Prof Blog: CLE Program on Drugs, Pregnancy and ...
By Reproductive Rights
Drugs, Pregnancy and Parenting Part II will bring evidence-based research and renowned experts to professionals and to people directly affected by policies addressing these issues. The presenters will help distinguish myth from fact, ...
Reproductive Rights Prof Blog -
Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)
Pelvic pain during and post-pregnancy is common, affecting 1 in 5 women. Here's an overview of the condition, symptoms, self-help and treatment options.
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Smoking in pregnancy may up risk of cross-eyed baby | Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For each cigarette a pregnant woman lights up each day, she raises her baby's risk of strabismus by 5 percent, new research ...
Late pregnancy multivitamins linked to prematurity - Yahoo! News
For a woman eating a healthy diet, multivitamin supplements during late pregnancy could do more harm than good, a new study suggests. - Pregnancy fair in Pinehurst set for Thursday
PINEHURST - FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital will hold a free pregnancy fair for expectant mothers on Thursday. The event will feature more than 30 ...

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