Sets the Record Straight on Pregnancy Rumors

Gestational Diabetes: Link to Sugary Drinks?
All participants had at least one pregnancy between 1991 and 2001. While pregnant, most of the women didn't develop gestational diabetes, but 860 of the ...
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Teen Pregnancy Up in Southern Tier
CHEMUNG COUNTY-- In the midst of the poor economy- startling numbers released from the state health department show teen pregnancy is on the rise- and it ...
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"Away We Go" with Maya Rudolph
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
When I read it, I had no idea that they had experienced going through what it's like to go through a pregnancy, and hear everyone else's opinions on it, ...
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Multivitamins in Pregnancy Ward Off Low Birth Weight
MedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USA
By Todd Neale, Staff Writer, MedPage Today LITTLE FALLS, NJ, June 8 -- Multivitamin supplementation during pregnancy may improve a baby's birth weight more ...
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Vision Insights and New Horizons
Teen Pregnancy: The Tangled Web
Vision Insights and New Horizons - USA
"Because adolescent pregnancy is a problem of rather recent interest, there is a dearth of empirical information on it. Much of the research has been flawed ...
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FATHER JONATHAN MORRIS: Home 'Gender Tests' Require Real Regulation
The new technology will now make it possible for women or couples to make a decision to abort a child on account of gender, before signs of pregnancy are ...
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American Superstar Magazine
Tila Tequila Sets the Record Straight on Pregnancy Rumors
American Superstar Magazine - Los Angeles,CA,USA
The pregnancy rumors began after the "Shot at Love" star recently shared on her Twitter page: "...reason why I've been feeling sick on and off lately is ...
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Guest Column
Wall Street Journal - USA
By ADAM WOLFBERG, MD Three months into her pregnancy, the woman in my office worried that her fetus might have Down syndrome. ...
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Washington Post Examines Focus On Abortions Later In Pregnancy ...
Medical News Today (press release) - UK
The Washington Post on Friday examined the renewed attention on abortion procedures performed later in pregnancy following Kansas provider George Tiller's ...
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Family tragedy altered by medical check in early pregnancy in SW China
Xinhua - China
The Mengs are not the only couple having benefited from effective family planning services, ranging from contraception, pre-pregnancy tests, ...
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Stressful Life Events Linked to Poor IVF Outcome | IVF NEWS.Direct!
Since most of the earlier research focused on ART-related stress, the impact of naturally occurring, non-fertility-related stressors on the probability of achieving IVF pregnancy was unclear. Now, a prospective study published in the ...
IVF NEWS.Direct! -
The Hardest Choice: Why I had a second-term abortion. By Phoebe ...
By Phoebe Terry
How many places are left that will offer the service he did, terminating pregnancy in the second and even third trimesters? Who will take care of these mothers when they find themselves facing the worst choice ever? ...
New This Week -
This Lucky Little Life: 34 Weeks
By amy7503
Wow, how this pregnancy has flown by. And now that we're getting close to the end, and all the things that were cute little symptoms a few weeks ago - heartburn, sciatic pain, forgetfulness and indecisions, constant hotness (talking ...
This Lucky Little Life -
American Forum: How a Late-Term Abortion Saved My Life
By American Forum
What I learned is that we are rare; only 1.1 percent of all abortion are performed after the 21st week of pregnancy (according to the Guttmacher Institute), and doctors only perform them in cases of extreme medical need. ...
American Forum -
The Reality - JVOICES.COM
By Julia Glassman
(The remaining few are performed because women who are unable to complete a pregnancy for non-medical reasons lack access to early abortion care.) We're talking anencephaly. We're talking cancer. We're talking Tay-Sachs, Brittle Bone, ...


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