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French baby-killing mother jailed
BBC News - UK
The court in Tours, central France, rejected the argument that she had been suffering from "pregnancy denial". Mrs Courjault was quite heavily built and her ...
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Jon & Kate announcing their divorce, pregnancy, or just a ratings ... - USA
Jon and Kate plus 8 broke rating records with their premier where they talked about their failing marriage. It didn't take long before their rating dropped ...
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Tell bosses: Keep family planning and pregnancy talk out of the ...
Business Management Daily - Falls Church,USA
But it's quite another thing when pregnancy-related questions come from supervisors and managers. In fact, the best response to a pregnancy announcement is ...
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Management of Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy
Medscape - USA
Pregnancy makes a significant demand on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it follows that women with cardiovascular compromise due to cardiac disease ...
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Spanish bishops wade into abortion fight
The Associated Press
Among other things it would allow abortion without restrictions up to the 14th week of pregnancy. This week the government survived an attempt by ...
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Pregnancy making Heidi Klum gain weight
Oneindia - Tamilnadu,India
German supermodel Heidi Klum has revealed that pregnancy is making her gain weight in unwanted areas of her body. The beauty, who is married to singer Seal, ...
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Bryan County sheriff reaches inequity covenant - Oklahoma City,OK,USA
For the lawsuit to be settled, Sturch had to adopt and update a number of policies in relation to gender and pregnancy, according to the agreement. ...
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Teenagers and Pregnancy
New York Times - United States
Between 1991 and 2003, increased contraceptive use among sexually active teenagers played an important role in driving down teenage pregnancy rates. ...
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Risking Illness for Pregnancy - Well Blog -
By By Loren Berlin
With time, perhaps I will develop more comfort about the idea of pregnancy, more certainty that my body can handle it. The irony is, my illness has forced the question sooner, because my disease and the medicines required to maintain my ...
Well -
Natural Pregnancy Care: Prevent Stretchmarks with Elasticity Belly ...
By Jennifer Lance
I gained a lot of weight with both of my pregnancies, and one thing I did religiously was drink lots of water and apply essential oils to my belly. The result: I have very few stretchmarks that are not noticeable. ...
Eco Child's Play -
Nothing important - Pregnancy news
By Jay Moretz
Pregnancy news. Jun. 18th, 2009 at 1:06 PM. White, Nerdy. Well, we just got back from our most recent pre-natal appointment. The wife wrote it up well, so here is a copy of what she said: ...
Nothing important -
Snoring During Pregnancy – A Sign of Gestational Diabetes | Best ...
By Best Ways To Stop Snoring
Scientists from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that pregnant women with regular snoring problems have higher chances of developing gestational diabetes.
Best Ways To Stop Snoring -
Things the pregnancy books don't say - Running Chatter
By Monica Wolfson
Things the pregnancy books don't say. By Monica Wolfson 06-18-2009 COMMENTS(0) Running Chatter. Your baby will hiccup in utero and it's quite startling. Sleep deprivation doesn't start with birth, but instead with conception. ...
Running Chatter -

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