5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Kelis Accuses Nas of Abandoning Her During Pregnancy
MTV.com - USA
By Jayson Rodriguez, with additional reporting by MTV News staff MTV News has obtained court papers filed by Kelis against Nas that detail her accusations. ...
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Disappointed moms sue maker of gender test
United Press International - USA
The plaintiffs say they used the Baby Gender Mentor test early in pregnancy, learning later through a sonogram its results were wrong, the New York Post ...
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BBC News
Nigeria's teen pregnancies 'rise'
BBC News - UK
Unplanned pregnancies among Nigerian teenagers and young women have risen despite improvements in educational levels, a report found. ...
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Voice of America
Low Birth Weight Risk Reduced by Multivitamins in Pregnancy
Voice of America - USA
He and colleagues from the University of Toronto wanted to know if it's best for women to take a daily multivitamin during pregnancy or to take daily ...
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An almost-pregnancy
Boston Globe - United States
Then a little more than a week ago we had a pregnancy scare. Her period was a few days late. During those days she was very nervous, but wouldn't actually ...
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Depression May Lead to More Preemies Among Blacks
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Researchers aren't sure of the reasons for the disparity, but pre-pregnancy depression could a role, Gavin said. Women who were depressed before becoming ...
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New pregnancy test -- the good, the bad
OneNewsNow - Tupelo,MS,USA
Christian physician Walt Larimore says there's potential for both good and bad in new home pregnancy test. A new pregnancy test has been developed that will ...
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2 studies highlight sleep needs during pregnancy
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com - Cleveland,OH,USA
They found that having sleep apnea -- stopping breathing temporarily while asleep -- during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of delivering a ...
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Mom hid pregnancy, DuPage prosecutors say
Chicago Tribune - United States
A mother accused of abandoning her newborn boy last week moments after giving birth had hid her pregnancy from loved ones, prosecutors said Monday. ...
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Washington Post
Woman Confessed to Killing 3 Newborns; Husband Was Unaware of ...
Washington Post - United States
She also has acknowledged killing a newborn and burning the body in her garden after a first secret pregnancy in 1999, before the couple left France. ...
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Pregnancy Math » Postcards From Yo Momma
By Postcards From Yo Momma
Pregnancy Math. Backstory: My sister and I were born ten years apart, and my mother had me at a young age. She's premenopausal and, apparently, gets baby fever when she drinks. Mom: I was just thinking…I was your sister's age when I got ...
Postcards From Yo Momma - http://www.postcardsfromyomomma.com/
Pregnancy & Labor Term of the Day: "Advanced Maternal Age" | The ...
By Candy
Humor column exploring pregnancy, parenting, family and the fine art of transforming a beer keg into a Diaper Genie.
The Laughing Stork with Candy... - http://thelaughingstork.com/
Lindsay Lohan Fakes a Pregnancy in the ABC Family Original Movie ...
By Lauren Barth
An Inside Peek into the World of Music, Movies, and TV.
GlamBuzz - http://blogs.glam.com/glambuzz/
5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman: Pregnancy Daily Buzz ...
Photo by mamanorwood When I was pregnant, it seemed like people thought they could say anything they wanted to me—total strangers even thought it was okay to touch my belly. Some people were nice and just wanted to congratulate me, ...
CafeMom Daily Buzz - http://www.cafemom.com/dailybuzz
In Case You Didn't Know » Blog Archive » Expectant Mum Heidi Klum ...
By Jocelyn
Expectant Mum Heidi Klum Unphased by Pregnancy Glams up for 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards. fp_3159226_klum_heidi_ram_061509.jpg. Heidi Klum attends the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center on June 15, ...
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