Safe-sex education?

'600000 women die annually from pregnancy complications'
The Punch - Lagos,Nigeria
Oladosu Ojengbende, has said that about 600000 women die annually from pregnancy-related complications He made these revelations at this year's ...
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Sky News
Factory Boss To Become UK's Oldest Mum At 66
Sky News - UK
Childless Elizabeth Adeney is keeping mum about her pregnancy and has kept it secret from neighbours in Lidgate, Suffolk. She is understood to be eight ...
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Forrest Alton: We need to invest in teen pregnancy prevention
Greenville News - Greenville,SC,USA
Teen pregnancy rates in our state are increasing for the first time in the last 15 years and nobody is paying attention. To be sure, swine flu is an issue ...
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Safe-sex education? Schools say no
Muncie Star Press - Muncie,IN,USA
A majority of adults in rural Indiana believe high school students should be armed with information on how to correctly use condoms to prevent pregnancy and ...
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Teen pregnancy: Preventing the unexpected - Fayetteville,NC,USA
The teenage mom and the young grandmother were among those who spent Saturday afternoon at a teen pregnancy prevention rally, which recognized May as Teen ...
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Jezebel - Are Cesarean Sections Making Pregnancy Riskier In The ...
By hortense
Forty years ago, only 4.5% of all births took place by Cesarean section. Today, that number has jumped to 31%. Has this dramatic increase led to a decline in the quality of US maternity care?
Jezebel Comments -
Pregnancy safe foot massage?? - Geobaby Forums
By pinkballerina
I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have very sore swollen feet. I'm absolutely desperate for a foot massage. Can anyone recommend somewhere/someone I can go to.
Geobaby Forums -
The Most Important Policy Phrase in the Obama Notre Dame Speech ...
By Steve Waldman
However, I still remember seeing the video of him speaking before a Planned Parenthood group talking about a pregnancy as though it were the same as taking a wrong turn. He said that if one of his daughters became pregnant, ...
Steven Waldman -
Cassy Fiano » Feminists whine: we can't afford birth control, so ...
By Cas
But the recession may lead to more unintended pregnancies, too. A survey released this week shows some women are abandoning their contraceptives or switching to less expensive, less reliable methods because of cost or lack of ...
Cassy Fiano -
Sex-Selective Abortions « The Apostate
By apostate
We need to fix up societies so that women don't feel pressured to produce male babies and aren't threatened with unlimited pregnancies until they produce a be-penised baby (happened to a cousin), abuse from mothers-in-law and husbands ...
The Apostate -


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