How Pregnancy Happens

Daily Mail
Most teenage pregnancies now end with an abortion
Daily Mail - UK
By Steve Doughty Out of around 40000 pregnancies more than 20000 were terminated - the first time more had chosen this option than become mothers. ...
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Weight Watchers, gym help dieter exceed goal
USA Today - USA
"I gained 60 pounds with my first pregnancy," she says. "I couldn't get enough of Peanut Buster parfaits, which are 700 calories each, from Dairy Queen . ...
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Teresa Strasser Searches For Suitable Pregnancy Phrases
Celebrity Baby Blog - Forest Hills,NY,USA
Using her pregnancy as inspiration for her new blog — Exploiting My Baby — Teresa jokes that there is little sense in having a child "if I can't exploit the ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Obama changes focus on sex education campaigns
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,Australia
This means $US138 million ($174 million) a year is redirected from abstinence-only programs to "evidence-based and promising teen pregnancy prevention ...
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Bristol Palin joins national teen-pregnancy awareness campaign
USA Today - USA
Unwed mother Bristol Palin is going to take part in a national campaign to help raise awareness for teen pregnancy prevention, the "Candies Foundation" ...
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Walk to benefit Hope Pregnancy Center
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle - Clarksville,TN,USA
By ANN WALLACE • The Leaf-Chronicle • May 10, 2009 Rodney Stumphf has been a long-time supporter of the Hope Pregnancy Center and its efforts to offer young ...
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MilkandCookies - How Pregnancy Happens
Do you know how pregnancy begins? From pre-ejaculate to implantation, find out everything you need to know about getting pregnant.
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Forget Those Pregnancy Rumors... Halle Berry Is Smokin'! Posted by Sassy Smith · halle berry hot · Halle Berry isn't pregnant, because look at those abs! Not that the woman isn't gorgeous when she's expecting, but the tight jeans and ...
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My Mother's Day Reading | Girl with Pen
By Deborah
I'd been feeling intimidated by all those books with light pink covers written about pregnancy and mothering and couldn't bring myself to read anything other than The May Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, which Marco picked out for ...
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Baby news: New growth charts make more UK kids overweight, plus ...
By sarah
Moms who drink coffee early in pregnancy may be increasing their baby's risk of having a cleft lip, but even so the danger of such an abnormality is very small, researchers from North Carolina and Norway say. ...
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antidepressants and pregnancy study
The full-text for the study itself, entitled "Major depression and antidepressant treatment: impact on pregnancy and neonatal outcomes" is available at the first link in the references. ...
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