Brushing teeth 'can prevent pregnancy complications

Obesity during pregnancy raises risk of complications
Irish Times - Dublin,Ireland
Of those who were overweight, some 11 per cent developed pregnancy-related high blood pressure compared with 5 per cent of women with normal weight. ...
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Brushing teeth 'can prevent pregnancy complications' - United Kingdom
Expectant mothers who brush their teeth thoroughly can reduce the risk of suffering dangerous complications in pregnancy and prevent infection in their ...
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Kaine Signs Bill Creating 'Choose Life' License Plates
Washington Post - United States
Cuccinelli said 450 people have prepaid for the plate. After the first 1000 plates are sold, $15 of the $25 fee would go to crisis pregnancy centers.
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Kelly Rutherford On Pregnancy & Playboy - San Francisco,CA,USA
The 40-year-old Gossip Girl star talks to OK! magazine about her pregnancy, and tells how her 2-year-old son Hermés feels about having a little sister on ...
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Gisele Bundchen Means Business
Boston Globe - United States
The Brazilian beauty says she's never met Moynahan, and was surprised to learn of the actress's pregnancy once she'd taken up with the Pats QB. ...
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Pregnancy hormone treats heart failure
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
A pregnancy hormone that relaxes blood vessels can help reduce the risk of death in patients suffering from acute heart failure. ...
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Center for Pregnancy Choices holds open house
Laurel Leader Call - Laurel,MS,USA
By Charlotte A. Graham, It was a baby shower of a different sort Sunday for the staff of the Center for Pregnancy ...
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Pregnancy clinic fund-raiser
Russellville Courier - Russellville,AR,USA
"Blessing for Life" is the theme for the 2009 Gala fund-raising dinner hosted by Choices Pregnancy Resource Clinic of Russellville. ...
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How to lower risk of preeclampsia in pregnancy - USA
Preeclampsia, also called toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), is a condition that affects between 5% and 8% of pregnancies each year, ...
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New Hampshire teen pregnancy rate lowest in the country - USA
These rates were originally recorded by in 2006 by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Experts say that a combination of teaching ...
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Getting Pregnant In Spring, Summer Linked to Birth Defects, Pregnancy
By Kathleen Blanchard RN
Conception and Pregnancy A new study suggests that women who get pregnant in spring or summer in the United States may be at risk for delivering infants with birth defects, which include spina bifida, cleft lip, clubfoot and Down's ...
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Midwife denies adding details to patient notes |
A midwife facing professional misconduct charges after a baby died following a prolonged pregnancy strongly denied adding details to the mother's patient notes months later, a hearing was told today. Monique Kapua is facing charges ... - News -
Pregnancy hormone shows promise in heart failure - Soundoff
By soundoff
A pregnancy hormone that relaxes blood vessels appeared to reduce symptoms of acute heart failure and improve survival, according to a preliminary study released by U.S. researchers on Sunday. Link to this blog · E-mail; Print; Share ...
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Lynn M. Paltrow: Do People Who Support "Traditional Values" Value ...
By Lynn M. Paltrow
NAPW opposes laws that create an incentive for women to terminate otherwise wanted pregnancies. We would hope that such opposition would provide common ground for NAPW, Ms. Lafferty and her organization. ...
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ohnotheydidnt: Kelly Rutherford Interview
By spuffy_girl
On pregnancy the second time around: "It's different. I think the first time, everything's so new. The second time, it's just as exciting but there are things that you've already explored and understand, so it's a little bit easier on a ...
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